The Mastersounds & Cultivar Wines, 9/21/13

The New Mastersounds

This coming Saturday, 9/21/13, Eddie Roberts and his Leeds-based funk band The New Mastersounds — close friends of — will be returning to the bass-ment for a session, a year removed from the release of their album “Out on the Faultline” which dropped on November 5, 2012 on One Note Records. Be sure to check out the Sessions Blog to enjoy previous New Mastersounds sessions, for more info on their new project and when they’ll be playing near you!

Cultivar Wines

Also, we are very excited to host Michelle and Jody Harris of Napa Valley winery Cultivar Wines! Michelle and Jody will be pouring a selection of red and white wines during the New Mastersounds set, and will join Jeff and the band afterwards for a roundtable discussion of wine and music. You will not want to miss out! Be sure to check out for more info.

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